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Why become a member of CECOD?

What does CECOD membership bring that companies would have difficulty to achieve otherwise?

In the world of fuel dispensing and industrial measuring equipment, in order to influence upcoming regulations and guidance, or simply to gain early insight into what will be appearing in the future, it is important to be on the right committees. Many of those relevant committees ONLY accept trade associations as industry members and do NOT accept individual companies. CECOD provides members with the latest information and a forum to contribute to what is happening and influence the changes in our industry.

At the European Commission

Explosion safety and metrology (weights and measures) are two essential disciplines within our industry. CECOD attend the wgATEX and wgMID committees at the European Commission. We gain early warning of upcoming changes to the ATEX and MID Directives and the associated guidance documents and, most importantly, we have an opportunity to voice any major concerns. This includes access to review the development of the well-known “Blue Guide on the implementation of EU product rules”. CECOD also successfully lobbied DG Environment at the Commission to mandate CEN to write European standards on Stage II vapour recovery system test methods, thus preventing numerous national approaches.

At WELMEC (European Legal Metrology)

CECOD attend the WELMEC working groups, who write guidance for the alignment of interpretation of weights and measures rules by MID certification bodies (Notified Bodies) and by market surveillance (enforcement) across all EU member states. We attend WG8 meetings related to the implementation of the Measuring Instruments Directive, WG10 meetings which are specific to liquids other than water (including fuel and AdBlue®), and WG7 meetings related to software. We do NOT just listen. We sometimes need to argue our position. We aim to bring trust to our members. We promote modern technology as we move to a world which will be built upon software, personal mobile devices, Cloud based applications, and intelligent vehicles.

Through our influence, we have ensured that WELMEC maintain a sensible approach to the marking and sealing of equipment and the identification of authentic software from original manufacturers.

At OIML (International Metrology)

CECOD participate in the OIML committees which write the R117, R139 and R46 documents. R117 relates to liquid fuels including petrol, diesel, LPG and AdBlue and is the reference for weights and measures rules across much of the globe outside of N.America. R139 relates to dispensing gaseous fuels including compressed natural gas (CNG) and hydrogen. R46 is being updated to include electric vehicle chargers. CECOD were particularly active in writing the test requirements in R117-2 for meters, calculators and gas separators, and are currently engaged in the interim OIML guide for electric vehicle chargers. We continue to attend the OIML-CS Management Board in order to influence the latest OIML certification scheme.


Thinking of joining?

Firstly, all CECOD members should be committed to contribute technically to CECOD. We have very active technical committees, and encourage participation.

All European manufacturers or assemblers of “liquid and/or gaseous dispensing and measuring equipment for petroleum or other fuels” are eligible for membership of CECOD. In the changing world of vehicle refuelling, we now accept members who manufacture electric vehicle chargers. These are companies who bring together a measuring system for which certification bodies can issue a Type Examination certificate, Certificate of Conformity, or similar.

Members may also be companies whose main activity is the manufacture in Europe of data acquisition and/or equipment for use in wet-stock management, payment systems, or Point-of-Sale where it is related to measurement of petroleum or other fuels including electricity for vehicle charging. Also manufacturers of components to the above mentioned systems are eligible for membership of CECOD.

Full details are given in the CECOD Articles of Association. Applications for membership, or requests for a copy of the Articles of Association, should be sent to

In which other areas does CECOD
membership bring benefits?

At CEN (European Standards)

CECOD have a long tradition of being involved in the writing of European standards related to our industry. In particular those related to fuel dispensers and associated components, and Stage II vapour recovery. To gain access to a CEN committee, there are generally two possible routes. The first is by attending as a European Trade Association such as CECOD, and the second is by membership of a mirror committee at a national standards institution. Whilst CECOD membership is not a route to gain access to those national committees, we do have members with positions at AFNOR, DIN, BSI, SIS, IPQ and can gain access to others. We therefore have the ability to influence in multiple countries. Examples of our work included being the main authors of the European stage 2 vapour recovery standards, thus ensuring one common set of technical requirements evolved for the whole of the EU, preventing numerous national approaches.

Software research

We are active in supporting research programs on software legal metrology; to ensure that new technology is able to advance within our industry, to ensure that it provides data security and to maintain public confidence in the accuracy of the transaction data. In particular, we are promoting that the outcome of the work needs to be acceptable Europe wide.

Language barriers

Most of the legislation for our industry is driven by European Directives – and these are transposed into national laws in the local language. Many of our difficulties are on national interpretation. CECOD have members from many European countries, who speak a wide range of languages and therefore, where there is no commercial conflict, we are able to share knowledge of how Directives have been implemented in real terms.

You are not alone

Working together is a better way to influence the writers of technical legislation and standards than by attempting it alone. An individual person is unlikely to have the time or the skill sets to attend every relevant meeting across Europe and beyond and here CECOD can share the work load. Keeping you up to date and on top of the key regulations impacting our industry.

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