Approved Documents

Please pay special attention the following CECOD guides and documents. When using such guide, you must accept full liability, and endorse principles. Please read disclaimer - CECOD only proposes "principles" to help the petrol measuring systems community to find non-regressive solutions.

CECOD Guides For Mid-Oiml R117 / R117-1 - Petrol Stations

Publication of 2014

Guidance to help deal with repair (spare) parts that might be suitable for legacy (prior to the MID) and MID dispensers.
Guidance to help avoid complex controls when the identification plate of a dispenser needs replacement (plate altered or vandalized

Publication of 2012

Pending publication for WELMEC WG10 specific to petrol dispensers
Guidance on how to comply with directive 2009/137/EC (use of MPE)

Publication of 2021

CECOD best practice – how to check calibration of dispensers on stations

Publication of 2013

Guidance for best practice after change of hose or nozzle on a dispenser on site of use - Suggestion for practical rules.

Publication of 2014

Document established on request of WELMEC WG10 - list of protocols in use on petrol stations in Europe
Using a protocol from the list secures the communication and measuring instrument compliance, especially when system in use with Self Service Device

Publication of 2015

CECOD suggestion to deal with modifications in service - various scenarios - objective : avoid need of a new EU Declaration of Conformity with 2008/768/EC implications

Publication of 2014

CECOD suggestions to deal with consumer information when using temperature conditions on display (when using ATC) or indicating MMQ or Vmin

Publication of 2021

CECOD suggestion of best practice for modifications in service



Publication of 2011

CECOD Safety Guide when dealing with biofuels

Publication of 2017

Conformity and EU DoC when ATEX standards have changed since type approval of equipment - reference : document ExNB10-388 and process of ExNB10-397CS

Publication of 2016

CECOD guide for assessing ATEX zoning on petrol stations (see 1999/92/EC and transposition in national legislation)



Publication of 2011

Publication of 2011 - Press communication
CECOD has created a specific pictogram to indicate (as per required in EU directive 2009/126/EC) that dispenser is equipped with vapour recovery
This suggestion of a unique pictogram for all EU countries might not be accepted in some member states. Please check with local authorities.
CECOD members apply the CECOD sticker on new dispensers when applicable in country of use

Publication of 2011

CECOD explanation of suggestion to comply with requirement of directive 2009/126/EC